Monday, June 19, 2017

Happiness: What Does It Take to Attain It?

We all want happiness. At least all of the people reading this blog, I am sure, want to be happy. Yes, there are times in our lives that we prefer to be miserable, out of our own stubbornness, or out of our desire to fully overcome hardship. Sometimes emotional pain is what we need in order to decide that it's time to seek better for ourselves. Sometimes we have to experience hurt, instead of ignoring reality. But, once we are through the tough stuff, we want to be happy.

So, how do we seek out and obtain happiness? What does that look like? For most of us, we can see what it looks like, but it seems unattainable as a personal achievement. The ironic truth is just that, happiness is an achievement; it take works! It may not be considered work in terms of earning a living, but it's earning a state of well-being. It is a choice.

What can we do to make ourselves happy? Well, part of that question you have to figure out on your own, but I can give you quite a start on figuring it out.

*Figure out what you enjoy doing, based on your skills and resources. And do it! It could be cooking new recipes for your family, scrapbooking with all of your keepsakes, reading your next favorite book, going out on a coffee/tea date with your spouse, planning your next vacation and earning the money to get there, playing kickball in the yard with your kids, or going on a camping trip. Take time to do what you enjoy and your years will not feel like they are just passing by.

*"Live Like Your Loved!" I just heard that song by Hawk Nelson on the radio today, and it was exactly the message that can bring us joy to our spirit and happiness to our bones.

*Seek perspective. The other day I called a friend and got perspective from probably one of the greatest people I have ever met. Wisdom is wise, but perspective is powerful. It teaches us how to look at the world, which ultimately changes everything.

*Do not over-exaggerate your yesterdays, overestimate your tomorrows, or underestimate your today. Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday probably was more difficult than you can remember. Know that you can make it a great day today! (John C. Maxwell)

*Follow the instructions that God lays out for us in Scripture. They are written for our own good, and can save us a lot of trouble.

Ecclesiastes 2:26 "To the person who pleases Him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness..."

Yours Truly,
Melissa Seng

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