Friday, March 15, 2019

What Is "Good" to Eat?

With an untrained eye, I can see the obvious. God placed the most nutritious foods in the Promised Land for His people to enjoy. Not only were these foods pleasing to eat, but they were healing to the body. Olive oil, honey, and pomegranates stand out to me. Figs and raisins were also obtained from the land in order to make cakes, which is mentioned many times in Scripture. The people in Bible times made their own bread, and they ate fresh food from the land.

Today, we make bread to last. And, baked goods are certainly not from figs or raisins. I am not sure that some of the famous doctors and surgeons these days are even Christians, but I find it less than coincidence that their research on food lines up with Scripture. Dr. Gundry, who treats patients with difficult health ailments, wrote The Plant Paradox (2017). He believes that one of the best foods to consume is olive oil. In the Bible, we can see that olive oil was to be held in high regard, and it was used often.

God knows how he designed us, and what we are to eat. He made the plants of the field, and now, because of sin, we can eat the animals, as well. Many of us are confused what is good for the body, but the Bible leads us to figuring that out.

I love how the Jesus Storybook Bible teaches why the Bible was written (2007). It states that some people think the Bible is a book of rules to follow or a book of heroes to follow after. It is not a book of rules or a book of heroes. It "isn't mainly about you and what you should be doing. It's about God and what he has done."

The Bible was not written to obtain health and wealth, but in the Scriptures, we can find the principles to achieve these things. After all, the more you learn, the more appreciation you will have for the Word of God.

From the book of Proverbs, we can see that God cares for us. He gave Solomon great wisdom to share, and I believe God's Word is eternal to use even today! I hope the passages below help you to see that these other matters (of health and wealth) are important, as well.

Proverbs 22:4 "Humility and fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life."

Proverbs 3:7-10 "Don't be wise in your own eyes. Have respect for the Lord and avoid evil. That will bring health to your body. It will make your bones strong. Honor the Lord with your wealth. Give him the first share of all your crops. Then your storerooms will be so full they can't hold everything."

Proverbs 16:24 "Kind words are like honey. They are sweet to the spirit and bring healing to the body."

God cares not only about our spiritual health and eternal wealth, but He cares for us while we are here on earth.

Thanks for reading!
~Melissa Seng

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Teaching Your Kids to Become Life-Long Friends

As the winter comes to an end, you have probably seen enough of your kids fighting or bickering with one another, and you might be discouraged. In this blog, I want to give you a few tips to keep in mind as you encourage your kids to become friends, instead of enemies. They are simple, practical tips that you can implement right away. So, let's get started...

*Encourage you kids to help out one another. As you ask them to serve one another, they will learn that the joy of serving far outweighs the joy of taking. They will learn to be in the habit of looking out for one another, which will do wonders for them as they grow.

*Do not punish them harshly for minor disputes. When kids receive harsh punishment, they tend to want to "get even" with their siblings. The result can be never-ending disputes between siblings and a lack of peace in the home. Instead, give reasonable punishment to lead them in the right direction.

*See "tattle-tailing" for what it really is. Most parents would see that tattle-tailing is simply annoying. But, it is actually a bigger problem than just an annoyance. It's children seeking the worst for one another, instead of wanting the best for them. At times, kids will tell on one another because they are actually looking out for each other. If one sibling is in trouble because of their actions or situations, another sibling can recognize it. My oldest is great at telling me if his youngest brother is doing something that could potentially harm him. And, I show him that I am grateful for his help. We need to teach children to always desire for the best for one another.

I believe if you follow these tips, you are on the right path for teaching your kids to become life-long friends.

Thanks for reading!

~Melissa Seng